Antec CS P82 Flow Mid Tower SPCC+ Plastic TG USB3 7Slots ATX M-ATX

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4 x 140mm fan (front & rear) included
Flexible 3.5" HDD drive rack, providing more space for cable management
Removable 2.5" SSD drive rack can be installed next to the motherboard or the other side
Tool-free tempered glass side panel can be removed easily
No screw holes on the glass panel, which enhances the solidity and quality of the tempered glass

Antec Performance P82 Flow Mid-Tower computer case is the evolution of P8, keeping clean lines and the interior around performance. With the new appearance in minimalism, P82 Flow is embellished with a white LED power-on light and stripe design of rich ventilation on the front panel; including three 140 mm white-blade fans in the front and a 140 mm white-blade fan in the rear, creating a more powerful, efficient, easy to build and cool system.

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