Havit H2022U 7.1 Channel USB RGB 3D Surround Gaming Headphone

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-Gamenote RGB Digital Surround Sound Gaming Headphones (Black)

-Superior 50mm large speaker drivers for optimal audio quality and performance
-3D digital stereo surround sound helps imitate a 7.1 channel depth of audio
-Professional style gaming headset designed for a budget-friendly gamer
-Retractable head beam in a compact and lightweight design for optimal ergonomics
-Soft padded fake-leather style earmuffs for the long term comfort
-Designed to help insulate sound by reducing ambient sounds in the room
-Speaker Size: 50mm
-Impedance 32+/-15% Ohms
-Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
-Microphone: 6/2.7mm diameter
-Operating Current: Less than 35mA
-Cord Length: 2 Meters
-Connector: 7.1 USB Plug
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