Havit KB393L Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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Gaming Keyboard:
1. Colorful & changeable lighting with 21 different backlit modes
2. 12 multimedia shortcut key combinations (Fn + F1 ~ F12)
3. Premium quality, comfortable for typing and playing games
4. User-friendly design, no driver needed, plug and play
5. All 104 buttons supported by anti-ghosting, WIN key locked for the best gaming experience.
6. Optimized design on keys for rapid command entry
7. Switchable game modes and office work mode
Gaming mouse:
1. 6 gears of speed :800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 DPI
Circular and colorful breathing light effect, and with DPI switch flashing indicator function:
800 DPI(green),1600 DPI(purple),2400 DPI(blue),3200 DPI(red),4000(cyan),4800(yellow)
2. 7 kinds of light effect:Breathing mode;Colorful Streaming mode;Rainbow mode;Floe light mode;Waltz mode;4-Seasons mode;LED OFF
3.The RGB light mode can be adjusted by “LED switch button”.
Anti Ghosting: N Key Rollover
Cable Length: 1.8m (keyboard), 1.5m (mouse)
Interface Type: USB
Key Life: 3,000,000 times (mouse),  50,000,000 (keyboard)
Key Number: 7
Model Number: KB393L / KB432L-Combo
Operating Current: 400mA
Operating Voltage: 5V
Size: 132*68*42.5mm (mouse), 433*124.5*35mm (keyboard)
Resolution: 800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800DPI
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